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The Arc Journal

The Arc Journal is the newsletter of TFCG and is an important awareness raising document.  This biannual publication highlights TFCG activities in the Eastern Arc and Coastal Forests of Tanzania.  The journal also includes relevant articles on forest conservation and biodiversity in Tanzania and the region. 


A Kiswahili newsletter, Jarida la Safu ya Milima*, is also published and is targeted towards communities.


The complete current issue of The Arc Journal is now available on-line.  The lead article discusses the impact of the new Rufiji River bridge on forests and the timber trade in southeast Tanzania. 


The next issue of The Arc Journal will be posted in October, 2004.


* Jarida la Safu ya Milima will be available on-line soon.

The Arc Journal, No. 16 March 2004

The Arc Journal, March 2004 (1.3MB, .pdf)


Forests and timber trade in southeast Tanzania: What will be the legacy of Mkapa bridge? (344KB, .pdf)

Gold mining threatens the forests of the Eastern Arc (225KB, .pdf)

 Transaction costs of Participatory Forest Management: empirical evidence from Tanzania (361KB, .pdf)

Minziro forest reveals new galago and bat records for Tanzania (249KB, .pdf)

 Urgent Need for Restoration of the African Violet habitat in the Amboni Caves, Tanga, Tanzania (210KB, .pdf)

 New Conservation Investment into the Eastern Arc Mountains and Eastern African Coastal Forests biodiversity "Hotspot" (227KB, .pdf)

 TFCG News (275KB, .pdf)

 Round Wood Export from Southern Tanzania Coastal Forests (236KB, .pdf)

 Outcomes of the 5th World Parks Congress, Durban (144KB, .pdf)

 News of the Arc (277KB, .pdf)


The Arc Journal, No. 15 May 2003

The Arc Journal, May 2003 (1.3MB, .pdf)


Coastal Forest in Northern Mozambique (628 KB, .pdf)

Positive and negative conservation and livelihood impacts of wildlife trade regulations in the East Usambara Mountains (54KB, .pdf)

 Caecilians: mysterious amphibians of the Eastern Arc Mountains (121KB, .pdf)

Relevance of recent CITES developments to timber trade in Tanzania (80KB, .pdf)

 Joint Forest Management Agreements for West Kilombero Forest Reserve in the Udzungwa Mountains (77KB, .pdf)

 Why is the elephant a 'cousin' of the hyrax?  A short introduction to the Afrotheria of Eastern Arc and Coastal Forests (42KB, .pdf)

 TFCG News (150KB, .pdf)

 News of the Arc (165KB, .pdf)

 About TFCG (29KB, .pdf)

Poster and brochures

TFCG has published a poster and several brochures.  The poster focuses on the importance of Tanzania's coastal forests and the brochures are aimed at describing the Community Forest Conservation Network and TFCG in general.


Through this attractive poster, learn about the coastal forests of Tanzania: what are they; where are they located; why are they important;  what are their threats.


The poster serves to promote conservation of the high biodiversity coastal forests.


 Coastal Forests of Tanzania (354KB, .pdf)



Learn more about TFCG and its activities through our brochure.  This brochure also describes the value of Tanzania's forests and includes an informative map.

Brochure (303KB, .pdf)


Read about the Community Forest Conservation Network and how it  works to link communities and government by creating dialog and awareness among stakeholders in participatory forest management activities.

Brochure (320KB, .pdf, English)

Brochure (330KB, .pdf, Kiswahili)


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