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What we do

Forest conservation is about finding ways for people to live in harmony with their natural environment. To achieve this we:

Conserve, Develop, Communicate, Advocate, Research and Network


Through training, dialogue and empowerment we provide individuals and local institutions with the skills and capacity to sustainably manage the forests around them.


We provide more sustainable livelihood options for people living near forests. We reduce their dependence on activities that destroy the forests and provide more profitable alternatives.


Working with the media, schools and local artists we encourage communication and learning about the forests.



We are constantly advocating for improvements in forest governance and policy at local, national and international levels.


We are committed to improving our knowledge and understanding of Tanzania's forests and how they can most successfully be conserved.


We believe in partnership. TFCG works closely with many partners including local communities, local and national government, development partners, private sector, research institutions and other civil society organisations and networks.